Well my friend is letting me borrow his mustang and im trying to find info about it on google. Most sites that i found only have info on a fender mustang with 2 pickups. My friend's guitar only has 1 pickup. Does anyone kno what kind of mustang is it and info about it?
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fender bronco maybe? same body just cheaper and one pickupp


in other words teh squire of teh mustang leik right? lol rofl lol nOOb
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but it says mustang on the head so i dont think its a bronco. well its his cousins and the pickup is in the neck position
not looking back but i want to look around.
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might have a old fender musicmaster body, or pickgaurd. got any pics?
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Dude... my dad has a '65 mustang in vintage white with tortoise shell pick guard. It's a "closet classic". It has two single pickups from what I can see. Sounds good though. Gotta love 'em
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Simple: It's a Fender Musicmaster with a Mustang neck.

that looks more like it. any info about em?
not looking back but i want to look around.