A little suggestion. Ive been noticing a ton of cover song contests going on in the cover song sub forum... Dont get me wrong I like the contests, but I think there should be a another Sub Forum for the Contests. Similar to the one in lyrics and songwriting, but for cover songs... am i alone on this?
actually i just think we need someone to run the contests. you know, so we have only one at a time and it can be stickied. we dont need another sub forum for contests, just better organization. id be willing to do it as i spend a bit of time in here, but since im not a mod i cant sticky anything. but i really wouldnt mind being in charge of it and just having one of the other mods do the stickying. you know, something where the contest has to be ok'd by the person in charge (possibly me) and then only have one at a time. i dont think we really need a new forum, just better organization.
Thats also not a bad idea, but then to get rotation you would need like 1 week contest TOPS from beginning to end, cause everyone is gonna complain if there are like 4 - 2.5 week contest in bands they dont know/like , but yeah also a good idea, i wouldnt mind doing that either
^ i was actually thinking of something more like 2 weeks for a contest. that way people have time to record without being rushed, and then there would be enough time for people to vote on their favorite. i was actually thinking about this idea before you mentioned it and was gonna PM the mods of the forum about it so we could figure out the details. if we use this thread to figure some stuff out and then can send a full plan out to the mods, i think that would be a good idea.
Same thing here jof, maybe we should colab and work out the rules and/or maybe setup some polls and see what the member's think about some rules.
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The idea sounds good to me; how are you gonna choose the band to do the contest for? By poll? Or just decide based on what you think most people will enter for?

Also are the contests going to be judged on:

Full song (If people choose to add vocals/drums)?

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