My friend wants to get new strings for his bass. We play pretty aggressive metal and he plays with a pick. He uses 4 strings.
I'm obligated to reccomend Curt Mangan strings. Honestly, they're pretty damn good strings. Check the link in my sig.
^No string is actually going to give you a more metal tone. Metal bassists use everything from Ernie Ball to DR to Snakeskins. Those are all good choices, but CM Strings are very good as well. Listen to bands like Hollywood Handgrenade, A Plea For Purging, Surdin, and Gathered Here Today (my current band) and you can see how well Curt Mangans strings work for metal.
That does it good enough for me. I listened to you guys on myspace and you guys rock and sound like our band. so my question to you is exactly what string do you use from Curt Mangans? and by the way i like the pic of you playing the balck bass, it looks like theres only 2 strings.
^Actually thats not a pic of me. I play a six string Dean, the bassist in that picture is currently out guitarist. I just joined the band a few weeks ago, and we're writing a new album right now. I use Curts six string sets, and we're working on getting me a signature set tuned E-F. I'm not sure what our guitarists use. Does you're band have a myspace? I'll check them out.
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from what i've found, Ernie balls are very bright. VERY bright, especially at first. rotosounds aren't too bad. i've got a nice sound from them on my fretless.
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Our band does not have a myspace, we currently do not have a singer. and our guitarist dropped out of school this spring so i stopped hanging around him, i dont like losers. so really its just me(drums) and him on bass. i ordered ernie balss because its what he wanted so its over.
Rotosound Swing Bass 66 Stainless Steels. If you're worried about fret damage, get the nickel plated steel Swing Bass. The Stainless ones come in an orange box, the nickels come in a blue box.

I used to use Swing Bass nickels, but now I'm using D'Addario XL Chrome flatwounds. Not highly recommended for metal; I bought them for jazz.
^^Thanks stratrocker. I love your avatar! Chuck is actually the inspiration for every single song on our new album.
I would never suggest getting dean markley bass strings. i bought a pair two weeks ago and after the 4th night of play, they broke!!!! i payed $40 for those ****ing things! i would suggest getting Martin strings, i have a set on my bass right now and i find them awesome! they have a relly good tone. i play some agressive metal and they sound good in low tunings.
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Sorry to interfere, but since its string talk, what is the standard kind of guage for a bass as i am buying one next week?

Once again, very sorry.
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^2 years. The first week of December will amke it 3. We should have our new album out by then, if you like I'll send you the MP3s when it's done. Our newer songs are on www.purevolume.com/gatheredheretoday our myspace has older stuff.

you've been playing 3 weeks longer than me
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If he doesn't use a gameshark, it's not cheating.

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I've been thinking about getting either black or blue DR colored strings... are they worth my while or should I just get normal ones?
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Stainless steel Rotosounds have a very bright tone which I think can cut through heavily distorted guitars, but I think this is more to do with the fact they are stainless steel.
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