I was told that ernie ball strings are too elastic to be put on guitars with floyd rose trems. i have a jackson with a floyd and i put ghs strings on it because i thought i couldn't use ernie balls. is there any validity to that? because i really love ernie ball strings.
Yea, just try them and see if it messes up. No matter what bridge you have you should stretch your new strings.
Don't use EB, they all suck IMGO (), the only good EB strings are the skinny top heavy bottoms.

Get elixirs or d'addarios instead, but elixirs kick ass
dude ernies suck ass with floyd rose, trust me i kno this lol i usually use black beauty or darco electrics
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they are right, ernies suck on Floyds.

they rust to fast for me

the best strings i ever used on a floyd are GHS boomers and

Dr tight fits.

go try some
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Kirk Hammett uses Ernie Balls with a Floyd Rose....don't know why I said that but I did...

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