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But while I'm here,

Pull Me Under
Take the Time
Metropolis Pt. 1
Under a Glass Moon
Learning To Live
Caught in a Web
Innocence Faded
Fatal Tragedy
The Dance of Eternity
This Dying Soul
Stream of Consciousness
In the Name of God
These Walls
Panic Attack
Sacrificed Sons
They're all good. Sometimes they go a bit crazy with their awesome skills, but here are the ones I like.

As I Am
Pull Me Under
This Dying Soul
Learning to Live
Endless Sacrifice
Hollow Years
Beyond this life
The root of all evil
stream of consciousness
solitary shell
the test that stumped them all
space dye vest
only a matter of time
overture 1928
panic attack

and pretty much all of them. yay Dream Theater!! Yay john petrucci, james myung, jordan rudess, mike portnoy, and james labrie! Yeah, I apply them all to my playing/singing.

get the Live At Budokan album. It's got most of their signature/best songs.