Alright heres my problem.

I am trying to record with a Sony Vaio Laptop and a Tascam us-122 with shure sm-57 into Cakewalk Sonar.

My problem is when i lay down the drum track (yes with real drums) and its in perfect rhythm, i add the rhythm guitar, and then lead. When i play it back, not only is the whole track out of synch with the metronome, but also with eachother. There is no way i am playing it wrong, as i tried recording it 4 times, same thing happens everytime. I notice that when i record something, there is a slightdelay of when i play it and when it shows up on the screen as recorded. I've heard about latency and other stuff about how fast your harddrive spins, but this is a new comp newer than 1 y.o and my sister bought it for 1.5 grand, so its not a piece. How can i fix this?
Recording on a regular consumer lapop isn't really recommended because the hard drives spin half as fast as a desktop pc, simply to extend the batery life. That might be your problem, you may need to buy an external hard drive, they can be cheap (like $50).
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Well I haven't tried this out myself, but I can on Friday when my dad gets back. What I would do is install the program you're using the record with onto the external hard drive, and store all of the music files on that drive too. That way, your computer should be running in line with the hard drive. You might have to install an operating system on that drive too, but I don't think it would come to that.
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nah i cant move the tracks in line, because the latency is non-linear the longer you record the further behind it gets. but thanks drummer ill try that, once i get sum $$$.