Just like the intro I guess, I just want to be able to play this song in many different places on the guitar...like I always see people doing. Sometimes I will learn a song from a tab and then see someone else play the same song, but using totally different notes in a different place on the guitar and it still sounds the same.
most of the time they just play it from the 12th fret on, that way it sounds the same but one octave higher (guess thats not exactly the same...)

and also sometimes theres many ways to get the same sound. if you look at many tabs for that song, u may see different notes used but it still sounds close to the same
I see what you mean, but because this song is done in an alternate tuning and played low, doing what you're suggesting is going to be much more difficult, and you won't be able to get the same voicings. Doing something like what you're talking about is much easier in standard tuning with songs that use pretty straightforward chords.
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Well could you give me an example then so I can just get a better understanding of how to do something like this?
my recommendation is to learn your fretboard and scales, that way you can play the song anywhere and it wouldn't be a big deal (especially that song)
and regardless of the alternate tuning, this song would definately not be difficult to rearrange...... and just as an FYI, when people do that its a simple arrangement, they are playing the exact same notes as they were before (D,A,F,G or whatever) they are just playing them in a different octave or a different position on the guitar, doesn't make'em different notes, just higher or lower
Right, but I assume he wants the same voicing. Half of the feel of that type of music has to do with pounding on low, muted open strings.
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Ok so from the intro to that song the notes are: e e e g e e e f# e e e f# g a e e e a ...

Does that look right? And I could just pick those notes from a different position on the guitar and play it and it would sound right?

Sorry if I sound dumb but I just want to understand this better and the only way is to ask questions.
^^^ No, because you're missing the fact that the entire song is done in an alternate tuning.

the tuning is c g c f a d
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Well it's in Drop C so you would have to go at least Drop D. And as for moving around, just go a string lower or higher and go up or down 5 frets (or 4).