This Modern Influence A hint of comedy in there, I guess. Most likely acoustic, higher tempo with drums and background electric guitar sounds.

It?s true;
The sun makes everything
What will you do when it goes down?

I know I?m gonna:
Save a life,
Write a novel, 10 volumes.
Produce a movie,
Cure all cancers,
Stop global warming.
Run a marathon,
and last,
I?ll just land on the moon.

Hope you know the sun makes moods,
what tone will you take when the sun goes down?
Will you be sad since there is no light,
Or will you look at it as a discovery?

I know I?ll:
keep my composure
even though we?ll all be staring at an empty sky
unless you count the stars
that are oh so far away
Just like you and I,
How I wish we were collected as one
But it?s hard,
because I don?t know who you are
I just have a spot for you.

Just stare at the sun
even if you have to glance.
I?d like everyone to see it
in it?s human form
because I know it would be perfect
So I hope you've been influenced
after this mass comes down.
AIM - JanesAdd1cti0n

The Rain And Snow

We've been reduced to ruin in this noncalibrated earth that has stumbled upon us.