I was just wondering if you can over practice?

I mean i practice my scale...maybe do them 75 times major minors etc.

I also do finger exercises Steve Vai's 10 hour.

Then I start rocking out learning new stuff and just playing around/ writing my own stuff.

Is that to much, or as long as it doesn't hurt?

Because i'm in no pain at this rate.

Is it safe to increase?
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its all good man,its not like u can die from doing to much like weight lifiting. just dont pratise so much that you develop wrist and finger pain. nice pratising tho mate
Unless you're sick of it, or getting hurt, I see no problem with it. Just be ready to back off if you're getting irritated with the type/ammount of material you're practicing.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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Well I do 100 major scales 100 blues scales and do some finger exercise and then just play around all day, thats never hurts me,

If you want to I don't see anything wrong with increasing, as long as you don't Make your hands explode or something
I've played a scale up and down in one position 4 times and then moved it up each fret till the neck runs out before. It just helps your hands get used to the spacing of the frets as you go up, but I dont think it really hurt me.
As long as you aren't feeling pain, you aren't excessively practicing. Whether it's doing you any good is another story--I suppose it will help you with speed and coordination but it won't help you musically all that much.
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Nah, I think you're fine, unless you're getting bored of it. I found that forcing myself to practice when I didn't really want to doesn't really help that much. Just practice until you're content and feel like you've made sufficient progress.
as long as you give your finger muscles time to rest in between practising, its all good. obviously when you sleep that will be enough rest.
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its all good man,its not like u can die from doing to much like weight lifiting. just dont pratise so much that you develop wrist and finger pain. nice pratising tho mate

actually you can..your heart can give out (with weightlifting.).

but anyway, steve vai practices like..8 hours a day? so no i don't think you can.
Well as long as you're practicing correctly, and you havent any bad habits with your fingering and hand positions, you should be fine. Some times though, it's god not to practice for a few hours and then come back to it the next day. often times, you'll find something you were struggling with comes good the next day, magically. i practice about three hours a day on my bass, and the next day my hands are always stiff...
That's bass ^^. It's a different style, and your right hand is in a different position and using different muscles. Stiffness should be expected.
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yah, play as much as you want unless there's pain or your boss is going to fire you... then maybe it's to much

But if you start getting sick of it then you might start to resent the playing... don't let that happen.
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