i have a 1964 fender champ 5f1. i am planning on selling it, seeing as how i paid 30 bucks for it and it's worth$600. however, i do love the tone, but also need the money. what i was wondering is if it is feasable to buy all of the parts from an amp supply store and construct an exact replica of the circuitry in this amp. then i'm going to get another speaker and make a cab. is it worth the trouble? you tell me
will you tell me how you came by this guitar amp for 30 bucks??
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probably not worth it if you want the same sound

and the same parts and everything usually comes close but not close enough

personally i wouldn't
i bought it off of an idiot cousin of mine. and as far as the parts, i have enough connections to where i could get them almost free. and i dont really need the sound to be exact, i really just want a tube amp without having to play a vintage peice of equipment, seeing as the only aftermarket thing on it is the power cord. i also was thinking of building a tube amp for a long time, but i would settle for replicating one, even if it doesnt sound perfect.
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I can take that off your hands for 20$. Thats only 10$ off for a used amp....


not for a almost original 64 champ. even the tubes are oem stock equipment. i'll sell it to you for 600