I just bought a Jackson Dinky DK2, a person at the shop said I couldn't get 81 & 85s in it I thought about buying the Kerry King set, but its very expensive, but it it worth it any people have them? Like or not? I would like to know. So if i cant seem to afford the KK set what ones should i get? (___) in bridge? (___) in neck?
81 & 81. 85 in the neck if you use cleans a lot, but I personally don't like the 85's, in fact I sold mine for $40.
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Look on ebay for used ones, personally I'd opt for 81/60.
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well i dont no if this guy is even for real? cuz my guitar teacher puts 81 85s in EVERY guitar he buys i just really wanna know if i can get the 81 and 85 installed to a dk2
DK2's are HSS, so he couldnt get a 85 or 60 in there unless he really wanted to and routed it, which would leave parts of empty holes. Look at some SA's if you want single coils, and you might have to route a battery compartment for actives.

If you want an 81/85 set, here ya go: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Jackson-DXMB-X-Electric-Guitar?sku=512239
EDIT: Sorry, you bought the guitar