Righto...well I'm new to this little forum here.

heres a bit of prose type stuff that I've done, this is part one of seven. I have only written four of them.



Eyes are amazing things. They can display or block any emotion through their crystal reflection. She looked into those bright baby blue baby eyes for the first time with the utmost amazement at the innocence, the holiness of that cherubim being, it?s soul unmarred from it?s descent from the Land of Angels where golden harps were played with long slim fingers with more knowledge than can be conceived on this newborn life?s nearly newborn home. The baby saw through the broken lies in his mother?s eyes and through the blackness the world had planted throughout her body and mind. He saw love, and her own amazement shone back in her baby?s eyes, he saw the goodness and hope for the world as God created, not as Satan shaped it.
That's interesting...I really didn't like the first sentence...it's really stupid in my eyes..

The third sentence was really good though, I like the use of amazement there, and I think you should change it in the first sentence.
That was actually really cool though, I wanna read the rest.