hehe... loving the rain maker at the beginning, made me need to wee!!!

i love it, is it just you layering the different instruments? or is it all played on keys?

this is the kind of music i want on next time i'm in a high speed police chase!

or when im making fast love to my Belgian wife... they love the jazz!

theres a lot of potential here!

good luck with it!


have a listen to my latest
wow man i am loving this intro very catchy and i love JAZZ!!!!!!! this is awesome stuff man, im loving every moment of it so far. did you do all the instruments? this is very jazzy, i picture this song in a movie or video game , thats not a bad thing either. wow man, i wish i could make stuff like this, i love all of it so far. great quality too, there is nothing reeally wrong with from my ears at least. i kept my fingers snapping oh yeah gotta love jazz. This is truly awesome stuff man. great job. here is a little something of mine if you want to take a listen.

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Hey thanks. The tracks were done over a 10 day period. I strated with Apple Jam Pack's sampled drum loops. Everything else is palyed by me on my keyboard controller accessing my onboard synths in Logic Pro 7 Mac software.
from there I experimented with some modern chord changes I've been studying by people like Allan Holdworth and Chick Corea. They have a real handle on modern jazz and pop harmony such as the use of m7#5 chords and chords with unusual bass notes or slash chords ( Am/B) etc...once the chord progresions and melodies are in place the arrangement process begins , like writing a story to create a mood.
I then go on to production, keyboard sounds, percussion sounds and guiar tones , mic placement and amp combinations etc...finally it's mixdown time and thats it. I do alot of listening in between.