so i was thinking of adding a phaser to the chain of mine. i've tried the boss phase shifter and thought it was pretty cool and fun to mess around with. since i know there are a lot of other pedals out there and i can't exactly test them out, what do you all think? how's the mxr 90? what about the small stone? if anyone has experience with these pedals and want to leave some feedback or suggestions on any others i should look at, that'd be great.

thanks in advance!

I have the small stone and I personally love it. Nice relaxing phase to sharp and wabbly. Personally I dont like the phase 90 because after a while it seems to start making your signal distortied or cuts your volume down. And I have never tried the boss phase shifter.
The Boss PH-5 is probably my favorite phaser I've played with. It's really versatile and you can get some rad sound sout of it. Go ahead and buy that puppy. Try Ebay, you could probably get it for dirt cheap.
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My PH-2 is even awesome, so I figure the PH-5 might have one up on it. Check it out, BOSS never let's me down.
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okay cool. anyone else have experience with the small stone? i have two for the boss and im looking for one more piece of feedback as im thinking it's gonna be either the boss or the eh.

The Phase 90 is one of the best phasers. Its got plenty of depth. More than i'll ever need. EH is nice too
i have a small stone, and i swear i couldnt live without it. also i pair it up with a small clone, and i swear its orgasmic!!!
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How's the Digitech's Hyper Phase? (I'm asking this for myself but i think it may interest you OP) The soundclips on their website sound ok.
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