We the People

We the people,
We?re so grand.
We love cake,
And ice cream

We pass our time, by watching baseball
You really can?t buy naps like that anymore

I?ve got something that?ll drop your balls?
All 64 oz, 3 servings per bottle,
But warning, 2 servings within 24 hours can
Be detrimental to you?re health.

Mental health, that is.
Because we all need a shrink
And we?re all getting smaller, everyday

Because you know, here in this country
Most of us suffer from attention deficit disorder
I?ll attention deficit order you?re mom,
And is that a cloud?
It looks like ham.

And speaking of ham,
Have you seen that new episode
Of that show on TV,
With all those disgusting women,
Who magically turn into super models?
Wow that?s shallow, but it really is deep
Because through and through?
We?re all really sheep

And we?re being shrink wrapped
Into this incredible, edible, heterogenous society
And all freedom means, is freedom from terror,
Because that?s all that really matters anyway.

Poor little Jimmy, 21st century kid.
can?t afford an education, medicine, or any of those cheap thrills
And when he?s 19, they?ll send him to war, he?ll get shot in the head,
And wind up dead, but no one really cares about Jimmy
Because we are the people,
And there sure are
A lot
Of us.
Genocidal club #3. i was promised respect....

Cuando moría; Vi todo cerca de mí, todo lejos de mí, y todo adentro de mí. El cielo fue abierto, y en oblivio, me olvidé.