Right now I have a 96 Les Paul studio. Now don't get me wrong, this is a great guitar. It sounds great, plays great, looks great...the only problem is I can't get it to do or sound like I want. As I'm getting into more heavy metal-type music, I need something faster, specifically with 24 frets (and be able to reach all those frets) and an original Floyd Rose (probably something American made). All this, and at the same type, be very versatile so I can use it for other things. I have been eyeing the Jackson SL1 for a while but I keep hearing how its bridge pickup (a SD JB) doesn't sound well with a alder body. I'm looking for something with singing highs and tight bass. I'm sure if the SL1 came with a mohagany body, I wouldn't be skeptical but I definately don't have THAT much money to put down for a custom made one. If anyone has used this guitar or could recommend me something else (preferably not Ibanez because I'm not that hardcore metal. Think more 80s metal.) I would greatly appreciate it.
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preferably not Ibanez because I'm not that hardcore metal. Think more 80s metal.

Uhhh...Jackson are far more "hardcore metal" than Ibanez IMO. Anyways, if you have the money to buy an SL1, replacing pickups is kinda trivial... Although the alder + JB combination is probably gonna be quite trebly, you might like it. My suggestion: buy the SL1, and if you feel the need to do so, put in some Bareknuckle Nailbombs. You can obviously afford to do so.

EDIT: If you do buy the SL1, make sure you get the Silver Black Dragon finish!!! It's ****ing awesome.
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u cant judge a guitar based on who plays it, especially ibanez being such versatile guitars, and every single guitar sounds different... 80's metal had as many different types of guitars as there is today and alot depends on your pikcups and amp andd i dont want to talk to u like a n00b, but u come off as one. play a ****load of guitars and pick the one that has the tone u like the most, no one can tell u what u like

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sorry to bust everyones bubble but lamb of god arent "hardcore" theyre death metal, and therefore metal.
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try an LTD, especially if your into 80's music. And since when is Ibanez hardcore?
Perhaps you mean BCRich?
yeah i wouldn't say ibanez is "hardcore-only" or anything. the guys from the Offspring play ibanez's. not exactly a 'hardcore metal' band
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Washburn works.
And wath's wrong with an Ibanez? Theyr'e great guitars. What does it matter if it's a metal guitar? Judas Priest uses Strats... At least in the studio.
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Yeah, with 80's rock scene an ibanez is no-go, dont hate me for saying it but they are so flat and have such little tone. if you can afford it get an SG, reliable and fits your spec...or a strat. Actually the Wolfgang is sweet to, i play one and it does the job fookin brilliantly
lol to the people that think jackson and ibanez arent 80s guitars. You cant get much more 80s than that.

To threadstarter, if you're after 80s rock your definatly after a superstrat, eye up used charvels, usa kramers, jacksons or you can buy new with jackson, ibanez (maybe), Fender Fat strats. Any superstrat (that is of decent quality of course) will work quite well with 80s metal.
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ohh i didnt see he wanted to get into metal, i suppose your right then angus...any of those sound fitting