my squier strat? i'm currently repainting it and all, but i'm not sure whether to "invest" in some new pickups. they'd have to be single, because i have already ordered my s/s/s pickguard...so, suggestions would be helpful?
texas special singlecoil pickups.
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Not necessaraly single coil...

You can get double rail pickups that are as big as single coil pickups.
And there are more options!

Also, concidering that there are thousands of single coil pickups to choose from, atleast desribe the kinda tone you want before you say you want a single coil.. =\
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id say fender tex mex pickups. apparently the specials have a harshness to them but i cant guarentee this, only what ive heard. so fender tex mex not the specials. ther cheaper anyway and probs just as good.

EDIT: if you want a bluesy srv sound anyway.
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