hey everybody i posted alittle while back in apr or may i cant remmber...but i jus wrote this alittle bit ago...still needs alotta work, cause reading it it kidna doesnt make sense...but i don't know, this is all i got so far - i was just wondering if i could get some critz to help me out...if its cliche...cool..what should i do about it...help me out lol...all critz appreciated...thanks!!

Can't Hate On Us

Through these never ending nights
It seems so unreal whats happening
Throw a smile my way dear, you know how I like it
The sky never seemed so bright as it did that night
Borrowing whats not yours
Fingers entwined like hearts inlove
Painted pictures of our perfect beginning
Hit play on our story for its only begun
No writer could ever script true love I've been told
Let the ink from my pen show you how I feel
No darkness could hate on us for we are the new aged lovers
The next Romeo and Juliet

thats all i got so far...tell me what you think...what should i do?...im kinda stuck