Hey guys do you know a lesson or tutorial that tells you like which chords you can play in a key or something.. i just don't understand which chords you use for each key or how you find themm.. im a bit confused, i know all the theory like the circle of fifths and how to find the root and all that I'm just not sure how to fit it all together. Like if you wanted to improvise how would you know which chords to play? explain please!!
just take any major scalelike C D E F G A B . and play this chord progression Major minor minor major major minor dimineshed
well a good idea is to choose a power chord and just varyize with it. you know what i mean? i swear that's how offspring and green day write all their songs...
like elven posted, read up on some theory and you're on your way.
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lol sorry man not following, can you be a bit more in depth of how to do this?

ok there are 7 notes in a scale right? right. C D E F G A B. well u cam make each one of thoughs seven notes a chord. number them 1 2 3 4 5 6 7(C D E F G A B) 1: C major
2: d minor 3: e minor 4: F Major 5: G Major 6: a minor 7: B Diminished. that is a patter that goes with any mojor scale. of coarse ull have to know more scales to use it with any other scale. so get a chord encyclapedia and a scale book. the guitar grimoire books are pretty good. u can find thoughs at amazon.com or any guitar center. so get thoughs books look up a major key(scale) u want to play in use that chord progression patter of major minor minor major major minor diminished and have fun!