What the title says. I finally got Guitar Center to honor their warranty, but I get a refund, which doesn't refund the tax or the warranty (so 299.0), that I have to spend at GC within 90 days. Wtf do I do. Within that time, I may very well be short of the 600 dollars I need for my desired amp. For this reason, I ask you, what's best? Perhaps a guitar? An Epi LP to sate my appetite for LP's? What's the best amp at that price? ANY tubes? Cheers.

Oh, I just realized I could get a Tubescreamer and and Cry Baby, and some strings. But it might be relegated to an amp.
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For $300, I doubt you're going to be able to get a decent tube amp. Maybe a used Valve King or Blues Jr., or perhaps an Ibanez Valbee if they have any. There's also the possibility of an Epiphone Valve Special or something like that. I've heard some good things about them. For modelers/practice amps there's either a Roland Cube model or Vox Valvetronix model. In the stickied Amp Info thread, there's a bunch of possibilities listed by price range.

I would say put it toward either a guitar or some new accessories. There was a thread earlier about some possible accessories, i.e. string-winders, straps, strap locks, finger exercisers, etc.

Perhaps you could upgrade your pedals. A pedal board would be very nice to have. You might consider that Tubescreamer and Cry Baby, or experiment with some other effects (chorus, phaser, delay, etc.) and see if there's anything you might enjoy having.

Or you could always get something nice, sell it on eBay, and put that money towards your new amp.

It all comes down to what you want to do.
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