I'm on the verge of throwing my guitar out the window here. So there i was playing away on my Yamaha Pacifica 112, and something really, really odd takes place. The low E string decides it's going to stretch out as much as it can at the bridge of the guitar, unwinding the string to stretch about 1cm (i noticed when the string decided to magnetize to the pickups ). Of course it was time for a string replacement, so i got to it.

So here's the problem. After replacing the low E string (tuned in standard tuning) i noticed that the already present fret/string buzz i was getting on my old strings (it's been present for as long as i can remember having this guitar) had become so obvious i wanted to fill my ears with concrete when trying to play it. EVERY SINGLE NOTE i played on the low E buzzed insanely when picking at a less then average strength. The buzz is present on the 6th, 5th and 4th strings - not the top strings as far as i can tell.

I desperately need help on how to fix this god-awful curse. Please - what can i do to stop my strings buzzing every time i pick the bastards!?

PS: If you need any more information i'll do my best to provide it.
Did you replace all of your strings, or just the one? If you did, I'd recommend replacing them all, then see where you're at.
Oh crap!
It'll sound wierd, but at first i only had one string replaced. I went so insane as to take of ALL the old ones and leave the single low e string on. It buzzes like all hell.
if there's only one string on your guitar, that's exactly why your string is buzzing. there is not enough tension so the neck got back-bowed. put all the strings (new) on and try again. then you'll probably have to adjust action or truss rod...
edit: change the strings and wait jenny to post, she'll probably know better...
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I'm almost done stickin' the rest of the strings on now... Thanks so far.
It's a bolt on construction.

With all the strings on, tuned standard, it's still buzzing madly.
Ah, but the buzzing has been present for a very long time. It's been around as long as i can remember.
hows your action? (space from the strings to the frets) If your strings are touching the frets theres your problem, raise your action. If not most likely truss rod, and let somebody else tell ya how to do that
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I'm not too sure how to EFFECTIVELY change the action on my guitar... I've been fiddling with the bridge enough to have raised the action more than enough to stop fret buzz at the higher frets (maybe too much) - but the strings are still practically touching the frets closer to the head! Any idea how to fix the action around the neck without having to buy a new nut (pretty sure that's the name for it) for the neck?
Thanks so much for that Merc! Modifying the truss rod is helping a hell of a lot!
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can u actully adjust the truss rod when your neck is a non bolt on

Uhm. Yes.
to change the action u need a small allen wrench. u turn the two screws. down lifts the action a little and should stop the buzzing.

if the string inravels at the saddle, u may also have a sharp edge at the saddle thats cutting the string there.
it didnt break so that might not be the case.

lastly, after changing strings on a trem bridge. make sure the end result leaves u with a bridge thats pretty level. a lifted bridge would need additional adjustments.

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when u plug the guitar into amp and distort it u wont notice buzz as much but it depends on your guitars sustain