Just recorded this song. it s a pretty ****ty quality recording though. ****ty mic, ****ty amp. i have a solo prewritten but it needs some more practice so i just improvised a solo in 2-3 takes for it. no vox (i cant sing). i tried to clean it up with cool edit, added some distortion, but it stiil sounds kinda bad.

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Thanks for the crit on my songs, man, I appreciate it.
Critting as I listen...
Your tone isn't great, but that's understandable.
Nice rhythm riffs, sounds pretty solid.
The solos are well-written, but their tone is, well, pretty bad.
It sounds very crackly, too. Keep at it, though, I like the melody!
quality isnt great........I really dont like the drums, not your fault, just a bit off-putting.

Riff starting out is catchy enough, I'm glad you stuck the solo in early as to not let it become repetitive.

Leads were well thought out, I didnt like the lead tone that much, but they really spiced it up.

I like it when it goes clean, it's a nice change of pace.

Last solo is very well done, just a bit sloppy on the fast runs, but it was handled well, especially if it was improv.

Cool song.