This is just a little riff I came up with, would appreciate some feedback to let me know if i should attempt to use it in a song or not... played quickly and palm muted, there are no rests or breaks... it is played all the way through without stopping or changing picking speed, then repeated....

Standard tuning:

well, there it is.... any feedback is appreciated
maybe it sounds cooler if you use powerchords, and not just notes. without powerchords, i would use it as a solo-riff. but real cool though
I agree with saberrocks.
Right now it sounds like it's supposed to be supporting a bigger riff. I say play it in Drop D, and 2 frets higher (if you wanna keep it in the same key.) Then just bar the 2 or 3 low strings. But that's more a matter of preference. If you can play the same thing as fast in regular tuning, then do it.
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