I've already posted Worst Ever on here, so you can comment on that in its thread. Big TV and 83 Seconds, however, are new. Post away, crits will be returned.
Ah, ****. Forgot the link.
Click Music.
If you fancy SoundClick...
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THe music was pretty good, but I don't like the talking mellow vocals. It does fit better though in Big TV version 2. Keep it up.
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First comment is that it's VERY quiet; that may be my speakers, one of them's died.

Vocals; I like the style, maybe a little bit louder to make them more dominant over the music (Again, this may be my speakers)? - "I'm sure that you agree" at the start; I'm not too keen on the way this is sung, maybe just me but I'm not sure. And I like the lyrics, too.

I like your tone, and the instrumental rests where the vocals carry on; and I really like the opening arpeggio.

^ That's 83 seconds.

Intro is nice; liking the guitar tone again, and the drumming intro is awesome.
Again I like vocals, but they still seem a bit quiet, lyrics sound catchy again; I like.
Solo I really like.

If I've missed anything I'll do it later, gotta go now though, brother's coming on PC.
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the music on both of the new ones are cool man, but my problem is the vocals well in big tv v2 that is, it sounded like there was no emotion now i dont listen to pop punk if thats the way its suppose to be then cool, but yea man the music is definately good, but something about the recordings in general they sounded muddy to me, like under water a little bit you know what im saying but other than those things everything seemed really good, keep it up, hey at least you have vocals your songs where as i never do. if you dont mind

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
im not much of a punk fan, sounded tight, i think the guitars needed to come up, tone seemed fitting
I dont liek punk that much, but it was pretty good. the vocals arent exactly to my liking either, but it was an overall good effort.

crit mine plz?
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Thank you all for listening.
Technically I'm banned from the comp, so I'll return crits tomorrow.
listen to 83 seconds.........

sounds very poppy..... the quality is pretty good, the vocals ddeff arent bad but theres something about them that sounds alittle dull. maybe just try and put a little more feeling into it but they sound pretty good. nice job
Pretty rad for the genre. Like I said in a different thread, my punk ideals lie in The Clash.

The quality is pretty good overall. If you were going to sit there and dwell on it for hours you could prob tweak the levels a tad.

I don't know what else to say. I think you've got soemthing at least, keep working at it.

mine: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=377423
Thanks for all the feedback guys, crits are returned.
I've turned the vocals up a bit on both of them, they're uploading now.
They seem like they are pretty sound songs. Simple, but I guess that is good for this kind of music. Guitar tones sound nice, and I agree that the vocals are good, but sound just a tad lifeless at some points. In some songs its hard to hear the bass (if there is any)
In "Worst Week" I like the delayed/phasing vocals about two minutes in.

Damn, you guys are small! Keep up the rock....

Crit mine when you have the time?
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Thanks for the crit, my vocals are the weakest point.
As for our age, yeah, I'm 13 and my drummer bro is barely 7.
I compose and record everything (drums are programmed in the recording, micing that little thing sounds ****ty).
We do not have bass player, although a friend of mine said he might soon. In some songs, I fake bass by DI-ing my guitar and using a pitch shift plugin...usually, I'm too lazy.
Thanks again!
Crit is returned.
PS: New pics up!
Hmm.. Alright bro.. im listening to bigtv right now. I like the music alot. really punk rock!. lol the lil solo in the middle is probably my favourite part of the song. Its cool.. kinda short tho. Hmmm now lets come to the vocals... ur vocals are good for the song.. but i dont know... they sound monotonous after a while... no high or lows u know what i mean?? kinda feels like theres no emotion behind them. But then again im not into punk rock that much. so dunno.

Listening to 83 seconds ...hmmm the music once again keeps u interested. I like the lyrics. real quirky. Vocals are better in this song in my opinion. however the same problem remains.

Goodjob and keep me updated on new stuff of urs.

Thanks for critin mine too
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The vocals are pretty anoying, 83 seconds sounds like a simple plan song, but at least the music is decent. nothing origional but whatever.