I can die happy. He puts on a really cool fun show. It's the only blues show I have been to, and it was amazing. It was cool, it wasn't just playing straight through, he would stop and talk to us. His band was pretty sweet too.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
He is almost giving up touring soon. He no longer goes out of the states. He is cutting back from 200 shows a year to roughly 100 or something.

He is 81 now I think? Or still 80, and he can still play very very well.

My next big show I'm seeing = Eric Clapton.

Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
I chose to see eric clapton instead of BB king...what a silly desicion.
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Quote by fronkpies
I chose to see eric clapton instead of BB king...what a silly desicion.

I chose Gary Moore & BB King over Clapton. Haha

But yeah, he's great, especially for his age. Shame he's not going to tour again, but I'm glad I at least got to see him.
I saw him in April. Man he can play. I love his jokes. They're dirty.
i just saw buddy guy, although not his whole set. but it was amazing.
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I saw him in April. Man he can play. I love his jokes. They're dirty.

Yea, his jokes were awesome. He is really cool.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
Can you tell me one?
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Lucky suckers. I've never seen anyone live. I live out in the boondocks. the nearest Blues-esque concert coming within 100 miles is Eric Clapton this fall in Birmingham. I'd probably flip out if I got to see B.B. King or anyone with skill enough to be immortilzed(sp?) int he hearst of millions.

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I got the chance to see him once and missed ticket sales by a day (I'm so jealous!!!)

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haha not to brag but i live in memphis i have seen him play numerous times, but yes hes amazing
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I chose Gary Moore & BB King over Clapton. Haha

And I saw both....

Though BB King puts on a GREAT show. He's entertaining and funny too. Great guy, I'm so glad I got to see him.
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SRV came to my city b4 i was born but my guitar teacher got to see him.
Sadly SRV died the day before I was born but my teacher saw him multiple times in some blues clubs in Texas before he was big. What I would do to see that ...

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I saw B.B. King last thursday night. He was amazing and really seemed on top of things for being 80 years old. He said that he was going on one last tour outside of the U.S. (I think it was Europe), but he would keep on touring. 100 shows a year still seems like a lot to me for a man of his age.

Bottom line, even if you're not a blues fan (which I'm not), he is still a great show.