I unscrewed the plate in the back of my guitar (ordered it custom from the phillipenes) and instead of the coils being straight they all slanted toward the center of the series of hooks so I want to know what this means sorry but I'm dumb about this kind of stuff.
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Ahh, was it 3 springs by any chance? Thst is how you set a tremolo bridge when you are using light gauge strings. If you want to use heavier gauge strings, then you would get all 5.

It was 3 but my squier has 3 and those coils are straight but this other one im talking about its coils slant toward the middle
It doesn't make a difference which way the springs are oriented so long that the tension is equal on both sides of the tremolo block. (And this should have gone in the Electric Guitar forum)
if the springs are staight it gives the trem' less tension and makes it more "loose"

if two are slanted it makes the trem "tighter" and allows the use of heavier strings without the bridge lifting

my strat style guitar had the springs slanted and i had 11's tuned to standard (EADGBe) with absolutly no problems
Having the springs in the arrow shape seems to improve tuning stability for some reason; I don't notice any change in tension.