I was wondering if someone could post an schematic with just one pickup, a tone control and a volume control. The pickup has only two wires. I also need to know what kind of cap would be good for tone. The pickup is a kind of a P-90( they were used in the cheapo 60's japanese guitars)

here you go:

my guess is just use regular 250k pots for P90s but you could up them to 500k ones if you wanted (you get a brighter sound with larger values).

In a humbucker setup you'd generally double the values of everything (500k pots and a 0.047microfarad tone capacitor)

you might as well buy both tone capacitors in case on doesn't work as the thigns are only 25 cents each...
Does the voltaje in the caps matter? Because I went to buy one , and they told me they had from 10V up to 220 Which one should I buy?
low voltage is fine for guitars
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