It's definately Vietnam era music, and it repeats "I ain't no unfortunate man" over again at the end.
Yeah, man.
Fortunate Son - CCR
Quote by Fallon, Jones & Sage Francis

"By the way my name is Marcus. But if you like you can call me Sensei."

American Idol - or as I call it, the Gong Show Rip-Off

According to #Yeezuz, Kanye West is a god. As if I needed more reasons to be an atheist.
Creedance clearwater revival, someone will have to explain to me one day how they came up with that.
yeah, check out John Fogerty's solo career too, probably a lot of familiar songs there too
"My choice is what I choose to do,
And if I'm causing no harm, it shouldn't bother you."
- Ben Harper 'burn one down'