Whats there newest album ( Reinkaos ) Like? I was thinking of buying/downloading it, 've read alot of bad reviews on it though. Seems to me as everyone hates them compared to the old dissection, Yeh ?

Well.. I haven't heard any previous dissection, All i've heard is God Of Forbidden Light, Which i think KICKS ASS.

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Yes, it's nothing on the old Dissection.

Go buy Where Dead Angels Lie.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Yes, it's nothing on the old Dissection.

Go buy Where Dead Angels Lie.

Naaa that EP has some covers and some old and reissue tracks.

Storm Of The Light's Bane is my favorite(Then again its the only ive bothered to listen complete).
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i agree with duncang (that rhymed, sweet). old dissection is infinite many more times talented than new dissection.

i also think dissection suffers from "emperor" complex. don't get me wrong, they, as well as emperor, are one of my favorite bands, but I think they just happened to be in the right place at the right time (scandinavia). by todays standards, storm of the light's bane is nothing more than medicore and has rather low replayability (same is true for reign in blood/master of puppets if you have ever heard really good thrash). it is still classic black metal though
storms of the light's bane is where it is at

the EP though is pretty cool, with b-sides and some covers
I like them. Haven't heard to many songs though...
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Dissection are one of the few BM bands I dig. With that said... Storm of the Light's Bane
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