Hey all,

what kinda 'tricks' do you use when playing Guitar? Like technique, effects and the like.

For example, I use a fast Tremelo effect and push down on the whammy bar, disengaging the effect after I hit the bottom, it gives a cool swooshing downwards noise. I'm thinking of changing this to using a Digitech Whammy on divebomb mode with the Tremelo effect and slowly lowering my volume. Its kinda a good way to go from a loud chorus to a quiet verse.

Another thing I read about, is you can get crazy glitches is you plug in an amp style footswitch into the 'expression pedal' input of delay pedals, so I'm gonna try that.

Just about everyone who can does the Morello volume trick, but what I do is keep my volume pedal down, the floyd fully depressed with a chord held on the neck, and then let go of the bar and simulatenously turn up the volume, it makes the chord 'spring' out.

And my last one is using an octave pedal, chorus and tremelo to make organ style sounds on the higher frets where it doesnt sound as muddy.
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tap the D note on the E string then pull of to A note and it sounds like a siren, because sirens are octaves though....

Get a delay pedal, set all the settings to the max and play the same repeating tritone and chromatic patterns harmonized 10's of times and then fade the volume in and out very slowy, with a chugging rythym. You get evil carnival music.

Take a small magenet and stick it to the pick up right about the string your playing on and sustain a high note there, like a high F# oh the small E string and you get a weird buzzing sound.

Harmonize chords by playing them up and octave, with fret board tapping.

Turn up your reverb to the very max, get feedback like a mother ****er, turn the sustain up and fade the volume in and out, I have no Idea how i did it, but i got the noise that comes out of hell and I'm afraid to listen to it ever again.....

using your penis as violin bow gets a great response too.
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How about the 'chorus pedal turned all the way down' sound?
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You can get a series of raygun like harmonics by trem picking and sliding your finger across the string, or by doing legato with the left and sliding some part of your right index finger across the string. Those are always fun.
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Get a tuning fork and hold it real close to your strings. Then use the whammy a bit and see what happens.
Haha, back when I was really into Tom Morello (I still am, just not as much), I figured out some cool sounds.
I can:
*Get telephone noises
*Get video game noises
*Make a guitar "talk" (not vocally, you really have to hear it done to understand)
*Get Dimebag harmonics
*Make a guitar go "waka waka"
*Get notes way past the fretboard without using a pitch shifter
Oh and I'm sure there's much more that I've forgotten. When I'm playing in front of people, I always turn around when I make certian sounds, a lot of them I don't like the whole world to know, but I guess you can PM me if you're desperate.

EDIT: I can also make a delay pedal make some wierd scratch-y sounds, though any delay freak will know how to do this.
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turn the gain up real high, and do a natural harmonic on the low e string seventh fret, then while that is still ringing do a natural harmonic on the a sting twelth fret and it makes a weird noise

edit: also hit the b string 17th fret, and then pull off to the 12th with the gain up and it will sound like the bell that goes off when you open a seveneleven door
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Theres the old screaming into the pickups thing.

I use remote controls and optical mice to get pulsing sounds thru my amp, combined with delay and pitchshift its amazing.
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