Your strum pattern ruined everything that makes the song... (I'm talking about the verses, what happened to the almost-frantic strumming?)

Your voice also doesn't have enough emotion in the song. I think it makes you go a little flat at times too. And you didn't hit the 'high notes'(you could if you wanted, but you didn't)

Some slight timing issues with the guitar in the choruses...
This song has a kinda difficult strumming pattern anyway, work on it a little bit, the weirdest part is how his pattern doesnt follow his voice really.
It's a difficult song to sing and play (correctly) at the same time. I don't know if you double tracked it or not but it might be a good idea. I believe the pattern is 1 + 2e+a e+a e+a for the Am E C and just 1+ 2e+a 3+ 4e+a for the F G if that helps at all (PM me if you need a better explanation). Vocals off at times but otherwise okay. Like retribution said they need more emotion. It's always nice to see people post brand new covers so keep it up.
It wasn't half bad, you just need to practice a bit more on it

Alltho, your Soco amaretto lime cover... dude, if you're gonna follow the tab then at least tune your E string down to D, cause you obviously followed a tab whichin you're suppose to do that, because it's all off.

Have fun.
I only have one guitar, sue me..