has anyone got any tips on how to make like pop-punk riffs, my band really needs me to make a couple up but i just cant seem to make any?
can anyone help?

Uh, it's not hard, find a key and play powerchords in it on beat.

EDIT: Actually, it's probably off-beat.
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depends... what do u mean by pop-punk... cuz draven is right if ur goin for that green day kinda sound... but if u want more of a kinda emo-ish thing, then id say some palm-muting and arpeggios as well...

(for the record, i hate pop-punk and emo... im just helpin a brother out)
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power chords are usually all pop-punk stuff is. Just listen through your favouriter albums for some inspiration
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Look at song of the bands you like and pay attention to how they use power chords and stuff
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Those are easy, stay close on your chordes and variate with lots of ghost notes and stuff to make it sound punky. Its all bar cordes n ghost notes
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basically notes you play much softer and quieter than the rest of the riff. their useful for creating texture and also help keep a rhythm without constraining a piece to the rhythm
If your going for punk, or anything really, you should know your theory n stuff. Dont just play random chords together, cause most of the time it'll sound terrible. If youre improvising then thats fine, but once you have a riff, find out the key of it and build on it from there.
For your theory write out a major scale. I will use C cause its easy.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Use the major chord of the following numbers 1,3,5 or you could use the minor chords. All these chords should sound good together. Some times you can use 7 aswell.

If you play them all as bar chords, you will be as good as any punk band i know. Dont be affraid to try out 7th chordes aswell it can add variation to your riffs.
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got an easy one, play power chords one measure each note starting from fret 6 on E, fret 6 on A, fret 8 on A then back to 6 on E and jump to the second position and back in the middle of the last measure and then begin again
G--7----------------8 <the same thing>10---------------------7
D--8 <for a bar> 8-----------------------10---------------------8
b power chords work really well, like X244XX b's. also use the pentatonic scale on the 2nd and 4th fret for leads and faster riffs.
just dick around with some power chords im sure you'll find somthin u like