Hey, can somebody me tell how I create a full bend, that you hear a very high tone. I have no idea how I can do that. Can somebody tell me???

a full bend is bending one whole step. so bend the string until it sounds 2 frets higher. like bending a G to an A or a C to a D
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pinch harmonic, THEN a whole-step bend
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Yeah, as someone said a 'full bend' is merely bending a note a whole tone (i.e. two frets) up. To practise, play the target note (the one two frets higher) first, to get an idea of the pitch you want to go to, then do the bend. Or, to get used to how far you have to physically bend the string, try some unison bends, for example, fret the 12 fret high e string with one finger, and the 15th fret b string with another, pluck both strings together, and bend the b string until you hit the same pitch. This gives a pretty cool sound in itself, and is an easy way to learn how far to bend. Badly pitched bends sound really crap, unless in the right context (slightly flat in bluesy stuff's ok).

If you're having trouble bending far enough, use more than one finger, i.e. fret with your third finger, and put the first and second fingers on the two frets below. This is much easier than using just one finger.

Obviously, if you want a 'very high tone' it's just a case of bending a high note. It helps to add a bit of vibrato, although this is much harder than for a normal fretted note.

Hope that helps. Sorry if it's too basic advice, but your question wasn't all that clear.
Just bend it, lol
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