For my acoustics (both 6 and 12) I use D'addario 12s.
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I got my first acoustic about a month ago and I changed the stock strings to Elixir Nanoweb .10s. I like them.
I had Elixirs on mine, and those are very good, but when I changed my strings recently I decided to go for something different. I got some D'Addario EXP Extra Lights (.10s) and I actually prefer the feel of them to the Elixirs.
^-- same thing here, but i switched to the d'addario exp's about 6 months ago and haven't bought anything else since. i think the exp's are much much better than the elixirs. i use mediums.
Damn...how do you guys play with .10s? They would rattle so much with me playing...anywho, It depends on how much cash I have with me. If I have less then 10 bucks, I like the Martin SP and Martin Marquis strings, .12s. If I have around 15 to spend, I like elixirs, coated d'addarios, and the dean markley alchemys.

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yea i play d'addario they are my favorite i like them much more than elixirs which everyone i know seems to love.
For acoustics, I really like Martins mediums and lights.
Thomastik-Infeld Spectrum Bronze 10-50 on my Collings 000. Nothing else comes close. Use "string swipes" or a string cleaning cloth and they last pretty well too.
I like Martins, but they wear out hella quick. They don't sell Elixirs in Taiwan
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I like the martin fingerstyle strings or d'addario. Generally 13s.
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Quote by roamingbard13
Damn...how do you guys play with .10s? They would rattle so much with me playing...

I have a pretty cheap guitar (Rogue) and I'm just afraid anything bigger than about .10 would cause the nut and/or bridge to disintegrate (they're a bit chipped already). So that's why. I like the tone I get out of the guitar and strings, though, so I might as well stick with them. Plus, I don't kick the sh*t out of my guitar, a la Pete Townshend.