i was wondering who do i do it? Can i do it solely using a computer and software or do i need any additional stuff? And if so can any be recommended? I dont want to spend much but i want fairly decent quality. thanks.
Well depending on size and budget I'd say you have to have a computer with a fairly decent processor, and a way of getting the audi into the computer like an audio interface.

One of the best ones to get would be one with an XLR socket on it (or one with as many XLR's and pre-amps as you need) because then you can plug a mic straight into it meaning you dont really have to buy a mixer if you're on a budget.

If you're going to be recording many instruments at the same time however, a mixer would be a good idea. This sort of thing would be great if you've got a firewire port - http://www.sonicstate.com/news/shownews.cfm?newsid=2268

Then theres always the option of just getting a hard disc recorder, but to go back to your question, if you weren't really bothered about quality, you could record using just a computer and software.
Yea an audio interface would be a good idea, u need something between the instrument and the computer for best sound
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