alright, well first I am going to buy a good bridge pickup, then save for this amp.

I am just gonna save for the head first though.

I heard this amp is pretty good. I play a lot of stuff. but to name a few: Ac/Dc, metallica, pantera, slayer, jimi hendrix, GNR, etc.

I was wondering what yall thought about this amp and if it is the right amp for me. I have an Ibanez axs32.

I have a job at braums where I make about $200 every 2 weeks. $120 of each pay check goes to car and insurance. so that will give me about $160 a month.

I just wanted to know what yall think about this amp and what not.
It'll nail the Jimi (maybe), GNR, AC/DC sounds; maybe even slayer with a nice OD.

But it'll only nail the early Metallica tones and I doubt it'll get you into Pantera territory.
As if you will be saving ALL OF YOUR MONEY! your bound to spend lots on sweets or subway or something man....dont kid yaself.....and yeah, i love that amp
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^^ haha well is there a little bit cheaper amp that'll get me pretty much or close to the same sound?