I've got a Mexican made Fender Strat that I'm plannin on buyin pickups for. It has all three single coils. I'm into playing some different stuff, like pop-emo crap, some weezer, system of a down, and even older stuff like metallica and zepplin. Not knowing much about pickups, i've been looking into seymour duncans. I figured some kinda high output humbucker would work to get some nice sounding distortion, but it would have to be single coil sized. I dont know exactly which pickups to buy. Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, and how many pickups do i need? all three? just the bridge? I really wish i could keep the way my guitar sounds when its clean... if thats even possible.
most the pickup sites have a pickup chooser
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I would recommend a bridge hot rails. It can handle the heavier stuff, and then you can still play clean with the other pickups.
So i put those hot rails in the bridge position... but i'm guessing its out of phase or something? it sounds really trebly, but still fuzzy. Plus theres a kind of pulsing when i play certain high pitch notes.

does this sound like its out of phase?