This guitar was given to my brother as a gift from someone who never used it


And the sweet ass paint on the back:

this is clearly hand painted, as you can tell if you touch it, because you can feel the different layering
is there a point to this thread other than to show off for your brother?...

the eddi paint is 'killer' though
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you have a point

i'll ask how much it's worth and then pretend that i care

how much do you think this is worth? i care
Looks cool, but those pickups look awful.

How does it sound?
It's better with no teeth, trust me. Much fewer scars on my penis now that I've switched from seniors in high school to senior citizens.
it sounds horrible, the neck is warped and it just sounds horrible
then again, i have bad taste in music, so i could be wrong
EDIT: Oops, I did read it, but my internet ADHD made me forget it.
It's better with no teeth, trust me. Much fewer scars on my penis now that I've switched from seniors in high school to senior citizens.
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Harmony, i said htat in the topic, did you even read it?
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I have to admit, it's the first Eddie guitar I've seen (Being a huge Maiden fan, that sorta floats my boats). But on the other hand, it looks a bit off. Seems like your neck ain't the only thing warped, my man.
I think guitars from the 60's are cool! And how often do you get Iron Maiden graphics hand-painted on them? It would really be a great guitar if it worked, but with a warped neck, I think repair will cost more than the axe itself. What a shame....
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how much do you think this is worth? i care

In good condition it would be worth $150-$200. In the condition that it's in, $50-$75. The paint on the back damages the resale value so maybe a little less.
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My friend has one of those that he bought for 10 dollars and it plays amazing if i recall correctly
The paint job kick sass even if there is a little mistake in the left side of his forehead (with the hair)
kewl paint..lame guitar
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HOLY ****!! I had a guitar almost exactly like that except for the pickups were a little different. It was a POS and my friend and I set fire to it :P .
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I have that guitar only in Black with a White 'guard. That, in my belief, is most definately not a '65. Those style guitars are cheap '80s-90s Chinese imports made under the most glorious Harmony name. Only difference between mine and yours are the pickups and switches. I still believe it's not quite a '65, nor a guitar of much, if any, value at all.
I have the exact same guitar (without the paint job). Does anyone know anything accurate about the guitar? I've looked on an unofficial Harmony database and can't find it anywhere!
theres a small size bass in a display case at my college almost exactly like this, its a different brand name, but the same hardware (pickups exactly the same with only 4 poles) includeing pickgaurd shape, placing of switches, type of switches, bridge. the one difference is theshape, exactly the same but in a single-cut design. the bass is not in a display cabinet because its worth anything though, its a history of music thing, and a tribute to artists like the beatles, the thig's even strung the wrong way, ie E where G should be etc. I wouldn't count on there being any value whatsoever there, and the eddie graphic is out of perspective.