not bad, you had some mistakes in the intro but it was good

and your from mexico, HA HA HA YOU GUYS GOT BEAT 2-1 BY PORTUGAL

portugal kicks ass
Very well done. Not near perfect or anything, but a lot better than most fade to black covers here. 8.5/10
Thanks. Y gracias Cumanés, use mi guitarra epiphone les paul con pastillas seymour duncan jb/jazz y el ampli de un amigo un line 6 spider II 112. Y llevo tocando unos 3 años ya.
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-Excelent clean tone
-Excellent distortion
-I like how you did the lead after the first bridge
-Good timing. Second solo seemed flawless.

-A few messups in the first solo
-The clean verses sounded a bit muffled

Good job. 9/10
Listening and critting.

I love the distorted tone. I know the clean isn't you. First solo was pretty good. Chorus was good. Second solo was very well played. I only counted one slip-up on the rhythym throughout the song. It's hard to hear the lead on the third solo, but from what I hear it sounded awesome. Great job dude.
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that was brilliant, a few mistakes in the first solo but you made up for that in the second!!!! im loving your tone!!!

dang i didnt know les pauls sounded so amazing.... im gonna get one like next week... good cover and amazing tone... seriously i get caught by the tone is really good.... good cover not a lot of messups but hey no one is perfect
Not bad.

Nice tone especially on the distorted parts. Very good playing. First solo needs to be cleaned up a little bit but thats it.

Great job.