Well actually these are only some parts i made but i think some woul harmonize toghether and would sound quite good so pls crit and maybe help to put some things together.

Left from all the good things
Left from your friends
Left of you
Left alone
All alone

Waiting for my need
Waiting for all that will never comer
Waiting for salvation
Waiting for death

Insane of being a mistake
Insane of doing nothing right
Insane cause i loved you
Insane cause theres just pain left

Feeling the gun in ya hand
Feeling the bullet waiting for their doing
Feeling the finger nears the trigger
Pulling the trigger and FEELING NOTHING

This **** hurts
Just let it loose
Just let it be gone
This **** driving you insane
Just stop it
Just DIE!

DIE cause you´r ****
DIE cause i HATE you
DIE cause i LOVE you
DIE for Nothing

My eyes can´t see all
but my feelings say me the truth
My eyes can be blinded
But my mind is clear

My mouth can lie
But my face is saying the truth
My tounge can be untruth
But my heart is true
well, this song is strange, by comparing the first verse with the 5th and 6th verses, they could almost be a different song! But im sure you have a plan in your head to what this would sound like. I can relate to most of the verses, but maybe not the the parts in caps lock in the middle. I like the rhythm, it has an even flow. My favourite line would be:
"Feeling the bullet waiting for their doing", it's pretty interesting, i'll give this a 7/10, im feeling generous today . Sorry if this 'crit' or reveiw isn't very helpful, as im pretty new to this.
Could you please crit one of my songs? Preferably the bottom one in my sig. but thats up to you
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