Just copy and paste this into your browser. I just won this although I may not win it(reseves not met). It looks like it wasn't taken care of but that isn't a problem for me. I want to fix it up and make alot better. I was wondering if I could do a few things to it (this is my first time ever doing this with a guitar). Would I be able to replace the neck with a 24 fret neck? Would I be able to put a single coil pickup along with the other 2 new humbuckers? And would I be able to wire it to put 2 way switches for each pickup and have each one have its own tone and volume knobs? Plus if anyone has any tips on what else I could do with it and any tips on painting it I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for reading.
thats a mouthful. you can replace the neck, although i dont know why you would, that one looks fine. you can replace the pickups and add that single coil, but you may need to rought another hole in the body and pickguard.

the switches wouldnt work though, unless you mean an on/off switch for each, then it would.
and you COULD wire a tone/volume pot to each but you deffinatly wouldnt have enough room to fit all that on your guitar.
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thats what i meant about the pick ups. so I wouldnt be able to put the tone/volume pots in there. Thats ok, but it would be nice to do that. I want a 24 fret neck verses the 22 fret neck, thats the main reason why I would switch it out. And I understand about routeing out a hole for the single coil. What kind of parts would I need to do the on/off switches for each pick up?
Oh Yeah, I would need to replace the bridge. If anyone would have suggestions on how to do that.
the dimebucker isnt very good and you wont get good cleans with any of these pups, a better alternative would be the actual pickup dime used, a Bill Lawrence 500XL, or maybe go with EMG's like 81/S or SA/60 or 85 though im not sure what the body of that ibanez is made of
Ok I will check them out. I want to have some good distortion pickups and a good treble single coil.
You can replace the neck. The thing is you would have to rout and re-shape alot of the body. Reshape the heel/joint because that would be too far forward for 24 frets and if you just bolted it on youd mess up teh scale length. Move the neck pup down to accomodate the 24 frets and maybe shape it to get better fret access.
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Ok well, will I be able to replace it with a 22 fret neck, just incase the neck isn't taken care of?
yes you will be able too..you most likely wouldnt be able to have a 24 fret neck besides the scale length problem (already covered) you wouldnt be able to have the middle single you want as it would not fit with the 24 fret nec as ive had trouble with....

But yes you can, and the guitar is a fixer upper i must say and you will be able to fix that nec up nice so there are no real reasons why you should get a new neck...but if you do and wanna get a new neck and wanna get that one off your hands PM me ill make an offer, need another neck for a friends guitar ive been rebuilding, it looks to me like its not a wizard styly neck...
Ok well It depends on what state the neck is in. I am going to stick with a 22 fret neck no matter what. What do you think about my pick up choices and will you help me with the choices I have between the two single pick ups. I want this to be a metal guitar, but I want it to play a little bit of clean well, meaning I need at least one pick up to play clean well.

Also I does anyone have any suggestions on how to paint it? thank you.
I have the Invader on my bridge pickup, its very nice IMO. Ive heared really good things about the doublerail pickups so that would have to be my second choice. And by paint it do you mean just painting the body?
for painting,

Scuff the paint up with 400 grit sandpaper till its rough, you dont wanna see the grain of the wood, then spray a thin coat of your primer, then a light sand with 180 grit, then another thin coat of primer then a light sand with 240, then one thick final coat of primer...let it cure

then repeat the process with your body color.....for a cheap, pretty good job use Duplicolor Autopaint...

As for your Single Coil Problem go for the SD Lil Screamon Demon...i love em for cleans, they are the nicest clean sounding SD's ive played in a while....
lol rust-ol-ium....HAH

lol sry bout that,

You can use Auto (auto as in car) Laquer works really well, then you let it cure for about 2 weeks then buff it out....check out ormsby guitars polka dot V build and thats what he used and same here, works like a charm...

EDIT: also you can use a duplicolor clear coat ive known ppl to use that and it came out fine...

i think i should be in the who to listen too...lol
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Yeah I saw how he did that... Actually (stupid me) I thought it was car wax, which worked decent on a guitar, made it shiny but didnt exacty do what I wanted it to do. Now where can I get this Auto Laquer?
Looks like you could make a pretty close Vai Jem-tyle type thing. looks like a good platform for a project.
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was it Enamel based or Acrylic?

You mean enamel or lacquer. I have acrylic enamel paint as well as acrylic lacquer. You want lacquer, which is what most duplicolor is (check the label first!). It's harder than enamel and isn't sticky (bad for the neck, not quite as bad for the body).
Yes you can wire it so that you have a pot for a tone and volume with every pickup. Or even every coil if you REALLY want to.

And maybe you can hook up your current switch to the pickups, if it is configured right. But I would suggest you get a better switch if you want totall tonal variety. (As in something with 8-10 positions..)
wow pretty much all i'm gonna say is THAT'S A SWEET GUITAR!! enough said, even if you didnt do anything to it, you got such a nice deal on such a sweet guitar. good job! you're pretty much my hero
haha i love everything, yeah. all you guys are cool

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