Hey, im getting a mesa/boogie f-50 now. But i haven't tried it yet, im going strictly by my guitar teachers reccomendations, and online reviews. Of course, i have the opportunity to send it back if i don't want it...


I currently have a roland cube 30, and im worried about the sound. Already, my mom says my volume is killing her, despite the fact that i have the volum at the lowest level possible without turning it off (I could turn the volume down on my guitar, but i find that it deadens the tone).

Anyway, i've recently heard that the f-50's are really really loud ****s, so i was wondering if it will be alot louder than the cube30 when turned at the lowest volume?

For those of you who don't know, the f-50 is a 50-watter, but its supposed to be louder than normal 50 watt tube amps.
No, it's not particularly loud (unless you want it to be). And usually Boogies have master volumes along with a volume control for the channel, so you'll be able to keep it at pretty low volumes. F50's a great amp. Nice score
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ha, there's no such thing as "too loud"
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^I know its capable of doing gigantic venues. Thats part of the reason i bought it, so i don't have to upgrade my amp again. Ever.

But is it too loud?

Edit: That was to the guy who appearantly deleted his post.

But thanks guys, you really put me at ease (And my mother, no doubt:p
It'll work cause I know how Cubes have a really badly calibrated volume knob making it impossible to get a really low volume.
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Well, you could do a gigantic venue with a Pignose if you mic it through the PA system. I get perfectly acceptable bedroom level volumes with my 85 watt Mark IV on its full power setting. And if you're that worried about it, buy an attenuator, but you should be fine.
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Btw, i wanted to vent some **** also. Coz me guitar teacher ordered it from a ****ass in our capital city, and the shipping was supposed to be included in the price. Now, we've found out that the shipping is almost 800 dollars, and that the store owner "forgot" he promised me free shipping!! !!!

****injg ****head!

Edit: Thanks dirk

But whats a attentuor?
An attenuator is essentially a "power brake." You hook it up between the amp and the speaker. The attenuator turns some of the power emitted from the amp into heat that's disippated into the air. This allows you to crank your amp as much as you want but keep the volume low. Good for tube amps because it allows you to get the "pushed" tube sound at reasonable volumes, but the negative is that attenuators tend to suck the natural tone out of your amp. So it's a cost/benefit. I know IbanezSZ4life! is selling his because he decided he didn't like it with his Boogie Dual Recto.
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I dont think it will sound like it would if its cranked... IM not sure though...

How long have you been playing? (side question)
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I think no matter what amp you use, you are still going to butcher any Green Day or Blink 182 song you try.
^^^ That was a wholly necessary comment Anyway, parents usually complain about volume when it's either a type of music they don't like or because they don't think you're good enough to listen to. You discover that only after they stop complaining about your volume.
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