Well, my birthday's coming up (5 months actually) and I've decided to get a new bass guitar, but, I am having major troubles in choosing one.

That's why I've come here to ask for help and here's basically what I need...

  • A 4 string (but I wouldn't say no to 5).
  • Punchy and powerful but has lots of tone.
  • Versatility - I play loads of styles but mainly punk/funk.
  • Reliability, I would seriously hate it if I had to take it back.
  • Good pickups with tons of tone.

I have a budget of around US$1100 or around 900Euros.

I also would like to play a Fender but I'm fairly open about it.

Woah, that's well cheap. I've just looked at a couple of reviews and they say that sometimes the picks ups buzz. But in one review:

When I learned more about bass, I realized that this bass had horrible fret buzz, buzzing issues, warped neck, and scratchy pots.

Okay, that's really put me off, I guess I could change the set and things to eliminate these problems and I think this is about teh 100th time I've read about warped necks from Ibanez. I'll still try it in a store though.

I'm going into a few music shops on Saturday and I think I'll try everyone you guys can come up with. So please give me more!!

I thought of a Fender Aerodyne Jazz, I've heard good things about MIJ Fenders and PJ Pickups would really suit me.
fender american jazz
aerodyne would be good too.
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Thanks for the suggestions but unfortunatly I will be having to pay extortionate British prices.

Which means a $1130 Stingray is about £1299 But if i ordered from the US it would be a lot cheaper so...

Does anyone reconmend importing a guitar and getting it labelled as a gift so there's no duty?
well if you are into fenders i dunno but just to throw in an interesting suggestion get a Rickenbacker they own my life
Only 3 months to decide now...

I say you're extremely lucky if you're parents will buy you a bass for your birthday.
Tbh I'd just be happy with any Bass, I have a guitar but I never play it because I'm crap at it and it would be more loved if someone else had it.

Want it? Haha.
It's green!

Schecters are great, they have great tone and are not that expensive.
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/\ second that, it sounds like the ideal bass for your needs. and you say the cash is a problem, maybe you can convince your parents to make it a joint venture, you throw in most of the cash, they cover the rest of it for your birthday, 60/40 maybe? 70/30 even?

if not, conklin gt4 or 5.
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Rickenbacker 4003!!! or if you can find one a 4001 but they dont make them anymore
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dude get an ibanez edb-405
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Inanez SRX505. The SR505 is good too, but i prefer the wider string spacing of the SRX. The SR feels too crammed to me, that's just my opinion though. Try them both out.
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