Thicker strings work better, try 11s or thereabouts (and higher action also makes it easier). I don't think theres any need for flatwounds.
alot of people i know stick an allen wrench or a screwdriver (something with a metal shaft) under the 2nd or 3rd fret to raise the action of their strings for better slide.
^Dude, that's perfect. I can play a slide a whole lot better now that I tried that! You da man, Clay Truzman!

You'll need to have high action so you don't get "slide buzz". Also, mute the strings behind the slide you they don't jangle around unneededly.
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^Try that trick Clay was talking about. Its awsome. If you put a cape right behind the metal object, the action goes even higher.
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my action is already very high(i adjusted it) and I'm using an 11 Zakk Wylde set, which has a very aggressive winding on the lower strings, which cretes a buzz whether I mute it or not, this is why i asked about flatwounds.

I'd go for some regular .11s with thinner bottom strings, not the fat ones for the downtuned stuff he does