ok ok guys, this has probably been asked a kajillion times, but, im in the market for a new guitar suited to metal. my money limit is around £1000, but im willing to go that little bit extra for an awesome guitar. ive been told to stay away from BCriches in general, and ive heard good things about schecter and jackson? anyways, i was leaning more to a V shape, and EMG's maybe? go for it guys, give me the help you always so faithfully do!!
Can you afford a Jackson RR1? I'm not too up on UK prices.

Maybe an ESP SV?
^ holy mcshiznit danno! that was mighty quick! must be the super powers..... ANYWAYS, i cant find any UK stores that stock either of the above! damnit.
Shame. I'll check GAK and see what's in your price range, and then I'll repost.

cheers dude. btw i wouldnt mind a trem, but i do play in drop C alot. just thought i'd let you know!
I'd find a local luthier and see what he could do for £1000. You could be pleasently surprised with what they can offer for that kind of money.
^ cheers chaps. someone likes their ibanez'! (speaking of ibanez, what you think of this? http://www.guitar-village.co.uk/product-detail.asp?id=1706&catid=3&manid=48&quantity=1&product=Ibanez+RGT320Q%2C+Regal+Brown+Burst%2C+New%2C+Inc%2E+Case) oh, i forgot to list some of the bands i play - arch enemy, pantera, 36 crazyfists, slayer, bullet for my valentine, machine head, metallica, chimaira, killswitch engage, trivium.

btw, are dean worth a look? (and im liking the look of that gibson explorer, would it need a pickup change?)

edit: i shred on my current les paul just fine, i cant see any problem with it really. though i spose an ibanez would be better!
^ If you can afford that ibanez, go for it. Thats an absolutely beautiful guitar...

And no, you cant really shred on a les paul. You cant even hardly get past the 15th fret.... SUCK
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get the parker for sure. Although they have great cleans, their distortion is great with any pedal or amp. I use my Parker P-38 for metal and it's amazing. Can't imagine how awesome the nitelfly would be!
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