ok so my guitar is pretty hideous right now as i have 2 black and one white lace sensor. (long story).

Could i buy pickup covers for lace sensors so the colors match?

Where could i get them?

is this a bad idea?

Can they even fit lace sensors?
I thought Lace Sensors were already covered:

If that's the case, you may be able to remove the original covers and get new ones. Maybe not, I'm not too familiar with Lace Sensors.
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yeah i know absolutly nothing about pickup covers...

so i can get new covers?

Where can i get them?

by the way..is it pretty gay to have 2 black pickups one white (neck) with a black pickguard and a black guitar?

(i play indie rock/alt)

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it really doesn't matter. I don't think. it's not like your things are freakin' purple and orange, plus it makes your guitar more distinctive. I've got a les paul where the bridge pup is black and the neck is half black/half creme (zebra). It doesn't "match", but it doesn't look "gay" and it gives my guitar personality.
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yea, I'd think that guitar would be popular in the indie/alt scene. I love indie and alt rock and I think that bit of white would be cool