Is Guitarfetish.com a good place to buy gear? Its cheap and ive heard some good things but i dont know how much i could expect from them since there such low prices. Would you/Have you shopped there? Should i?

are these brand names or thier stuff?
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yeah I've shopped there, as has a good deal of people I know, and yeah it's good stuff. And it's stuff made for them that isn't complete copies of brand name stuff. Uhh, wink wink, sarcasm sarcasm.

But yeah, give the guy an email and he'll help you with what you want.
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All I know is their Single Coil PUPS are the best. I bought their texas specials and I was blown away by the quality. Puts Fender to Shame. Their Customer service is impeccable to.
They have some quality issues with some of theri hardware. But if you don't mind getting broken stuff and shiping it back in It's alright. I haven't heard anything bad abtou their pups though, but those are a seperate brand being sodl through guitar fetish.
I can't say about that, look it up on harmonycentral.com or here, but from their other products I guess they'd be pretty swanky.
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I can vouch for their GFS pickups. I bought a set of three single coils that are incredible sounding.
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