I have an Epiphone PR 150 VS Acoustic, which I like very much. But I think a better guitar wold be a better choice. I don't really want to go any higher than about $600, because I can't get that amount of money in any time period. All opinions accepted.[ I'm looking for an electric guitar, or acoustic-electric guitar to play hard rock/metal.

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You're looking for an acoustic or electric?

For what playing style?
I'd try to find a used les paul studio. . .

they go for around six hundred if your lucky on ebay. . .

and if you really are behind me you could come to denises shop in newark, DE
he's got em (LOL delaware!)
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if ur looking for an acoustic, get the martin koa for $500. the sound is so pure that it should be priced at something around $1500. the only problem is i'm not sure whether they're still on the market.
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