I have about $300-500 to spend. I went to guitar center yesterday and tried out a few amps and I've pretty much made up my mind...but I want to see what you guys say.

Here's my options:

Fender FM 212R Guitar Combo Amp

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50W Guitar Combo Amp (my favorite)

B-52 LG-10012S 100W Stereo 2x12 Solid State Guitar Combo

If you have any other suggestions go ahead and tell me. I play mostly classic rock and blues so mostly I am looking for a clean sound and maybe a little bit of distortion.
...you play mostly rock and blues?


its tube, its loud, its in your price range, it sounds really nice.
Vox! You won't be dissappointed
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Stretch that budget a little and get a fender hot rod deluxe for 600. I think it would suit blues very very well.
^it does

very well
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I think for just a bit more $$$ you could pick up a B-52 AT212 combo. Very solid amp.
Of those you list the Vox is a very solid option.

Fender blues junior and tubescreamer pedal fits your budget too.
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Out of those 3, I'd go with the Vox.
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Just get a tube instead...

how about...oh i dunno....a blues jr.

Of those 3 the Vox is by far the best. if you want tube then the blues junior is easily in your price range its supposed to be amazing