Just one in the sea of master of puppets covers...

Done using all downstrokes, kinda sloppy, but It's progress...

I'd like to know how I'm doing for 5 1/2 months of playing so far. =P


C+C please, I know I'm bad, but please tell if where to improve if you're going to rip me apart.


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slow down, your way fast, in a bad way. have you heard the song before?
good point...fast...on the clean part where it goes into the solo sort off thing...slow down!!
not bad for 5 1/2 months. Just some pointers, watch youre tempo changes cuz at times it seems like youre rushing yourself. Also the part thats supposed to be clean was a little rough so work on that a bit. Your chording seems pretty good even though its just power chords, but at least they are timed fairly well. And I just heard the solo as I got to this part so I'll tell you to polish that one up a bit. Keep up the rhythm work before tackling leads. It sounds like you could play some but trust me, your leads willll be better if you can master rhythm playing.
Not horribly bad. You are getting the the basis of it. Work on cleaning it up a little.
I need to work on the second solo a helluva lot, it's true.

I find it a tad hard to keep the same speed going through the entire song, would it help if I were to alternate pick instead?
Well, recording quality wasn't the greatest, but not you're fault. Listen to the song and play at the same. Work on the chorus, well work on everything. Not bad for how long you've been playing though.
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I find it a tad hard to keep the same speed going through the entire song, would it help if I were to alternate pick instead?

Just keep playing along with the actual song going and after a while your timing will be good.
dude, sorry but you need to think about timing not play as fast as you can

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Don't play as fast as you can, but not bad for 5.5 months. It sounds like it needs more distortion at parts. But yah, its too fast. The interlude needs a lot of work, as do the solos, but keep practicing. And don't bother with that second solo untill you're ready to handle it.
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